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I have never used a cleaning service before. What is the process like?
We start by providing you with a free in home consultation where we do a walkthrough of your home and provide you with an estimate.

What is the difference from Initial visit vs. regular vist, why is it necessary & why does it cost more?
There’s a big difference between build up, grime and daily dust. We usually spend 2-4 times longer on a the initial cleaning than it takes on regular, scheduled maintenance visits.

How long have you been in business?
Invigorating Home Cleaners, has been proudly servicing Milwaukee and the surounding area for almost a decade.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept ACH, Checks and Cash for our services. Gratuity is not expected however should you want to tip your cleaner please provide cash only.

Do you work weekends or holidays?
We observe all the major holidays & we are closed on weekends. Its important for us to allow our employees time to rest and enjoy their families.

How do you confirm appointments?
Depending on your rotation (monthly, bimonthly, weekly, etc…) we automatically schedule your next appointment and send  you a request for confirmation. You will need to confirm the appointment within 48 hours or risk loosing the date(s).

How do I cancel or change an appointment?
If you need to change or cancel your confirmed scheduled appointment date please do so 72hrs in advance. Failure to do so within 72hrs will result in a $30.00 fee that we require before rescheduling. 

What time will you show up?
We provide a 30 minute window for the crew’s arrival. If we're running ahead/behind we’re sure to call to notify you.

Do you move furniture you?
No. We will clean under and around furniture the best we can but we do not move units for liability reasons.

What should I do with my pet while you are cleaning?
Some clients put their pets away while others leave them free to roam. The choice is yours as long as they are friendly. 

Do you wash dishes?
No, we will only load and unload the dish washer. 

Do you wash laundry?
Not personal garments, linens only.

Do I need to be home when you arrive? What about a key?

The choice is entirely yours! We encourage you to be present for the initial cleaning but it is whatever you’re most comfortable with. Some clients prefer to be home while others would like the crew finished and gone when they arrive home. If you choose to provide us with a key it is kept in our security box until your scheduled appointment. A $25 fee applies to all lock-outs.

What if my routine cleaning falls on a holiday?
If your scheduled date happens to fall on a holiday, we will contact you to reschedule your appointment. We try to get to you as close to your regularly scheduled appointment as possible.

Does the same person or crew memeber come every visit?
We make every effort possible to make sure that the same tech or crew is always going to the same homes & offices. We want our employees to build a relationship with you. Building this relationship results in trust and satisfaction. However, there are sometimes circumstances that are beyond our control and you may not have the same person. If this happens, please rest assured that the team coming in to clean is just as capable.

What training does your staff go through?
The staff at IHC undergoes rigorous onsite training. The crew we are sending out into the field have a full knowledge of our products and how to use them safely. We also have ongoing offsite training to make sure that all of our employees stay up to date on all of our cleaning procedures. 

Do you supply your own cleaning products?
We supply all of our own products to complete the job.

Can I supply my own cleaning products?
Yes we most certainly will use any products you request. Please make us aware of what they are in advance so we can pull the SDS to make available to our team. This step is important for their safety and yours.

During periods of bad weather or heavy snow do you still clean?
Yes. However, the safety of our employees is most important. If we feel the roads are too hazadous we will contact you to reschedule. Please make sure that driveways and walkways are kept clean, salted and are easily accessible for our cleaners.

What happens if I fail to leave a check at the time of service?
The policy that we use in this case is no check no clean. While most customers are very good about making payment, there are the occasional customers that do not make good after cleanings are completed. We allow each customer one “free pass” for a check that is not left. In the event that you do not leave a check we have put in place a $25 service charge.

No Contracts
​​Obligation-Free Service  ​​
We focus on your needs, not bait and binding you​.
Don't flush your money down the toilet for services you don't want!

We clean like momma taught us...
a bucket, a cloth & water.

No week night or weekend schedules!
We promote teamwork & respect among all members of the company!
Work is divided evenly. Everyone shares responsibility and accountability!

Invigorating Home Cleaners continues to look for experienced cleaning techs to join our team! We are looking for people that are dependable, honest, disciplined, committed, hardworking and have a team oriented attitude that will help continue to make this a positive place to work. A successful company grows and functions as a team; that’s why culture is more than a strategy to us.
In this role, working under the direction of management, you will remain professional with clients, clean homes, and perform administrative duties when required. Successful candidates will be detailed oriented and dedicated to excellence in cleaning and customer service.
Love to Clean?
Join The team!
Report to work on time each day
Clean homes and ensure tasks outlined in cleaning checklist are completed to the highest standards
Deliver the highest quality of customer service 
Maintain positive relationships with clients by preserving trust and respect
Work with minimal supervision
Comply with proper safety policies and procedures (i.e. when using cleaning supplies, reporting incidents, etc.)
Ensure all equipment and supplies are transported from each appointment 

Cleaning service experience preferred
Valid driver's license and clean driving record 
Pass a background check and drug screen 
No facial piercings or tattoos
Detailed oriented
Follow directions
Work at moderate physical pace with the ability to lift up to 25 lbs. while walking, bending and kneeling